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Soft Dog Pendant

Henrik Pedersen began his career as a fashion designer but expanded into graphic design and product development after founding his Denmark-based design studio, known as 365°, in 1996. “I think that once you have been educated in design of any form, it’s quite easy to make the change,” he says. “The creative mindset is the same, you just have to change your mental toolbox.” In creating the Soft Dog Pendant (2012), Pedersen wanted to evoke a lightness and purity that are “reminiscent of trustworthy, yet innovative, Scandinavian design.” What he achieved is a soft, sculptural, less industrial form that’s simple and welcoming. Bulb (not included): incandescent 60W/120V/E27. UL Listed. Made in Denmark. Born 1967, graduate from Teko center as product developer. Worked many years with graphic design, identity design and is now one of the up coming stars of product design. The resent years his interest for product design has increased and his works includes a super functional and minimalistic range of BBQ’s, kitchenware and latest a range of lamps that got him nominated for Bo Bedre’s design award.