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Eazy Bean Everest Chair

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Françoise Séjourné began her career by designing clothing for Esprit and shoes for Sam & Libby. It wasn’t long before she was consulting Gap on color trends and starting not one but two successful businesses. This high-energy lifestyle left Séjourné craving one thing: a comfortable place to sit and relax. And that’s when she started the Eazy Bean Company. A luxurious twist on traditional beanbags, the Everest (2010) is really more like a chair, allowing you to sit in an upright or reclining position just by shifting the interior beans. The removable covers are machine washable, even the Tech Suede, an eco-friendly fabric made from 90–100% post-consumer materials. Made in U.S.A. It's hard to label Francoise Sejourne. Designer, consultant and entrepreneur, she created anything from shoes and apparel to home furnishings, consulted for fashion greats such as the Gap on trend and color, designed for major fashion houses, and founded two successful businesses. Blue Marlin, a vintage sportswear apparel company co-founded by Sejourne, quickly became a celebrity & international favorite. Shortly after receiving a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in textile and graphics, Sejourne packed up for the west coast, where designing for fashion houses Esprit and Sam and Libby sent her across the world. The idea of eazy bean occurred after several years of constant travel and the simple desire for a comfortable place to sit. From a mere thought, this concept developed into more than a decade's worth of work. Eazy bean's beautiful sculptured pods evoke feelings of humor, fun, and sheer elegance through a unique use of color and timeless form.Drawing inspiration from her travels, Sejourne brings a global palette of color to her creations: the turquoise of Palau's waters, spice markets of New Delhi, the cherry blossoms of Japan. No matter what she creates - from commercial goods to one of a kind ceramics Sejourne's sophisticated sense of color, simplicity and elegance shows through.