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Byam Rug

The inspiration for the Byam Rug (2011) came from "the seemingly effortless play of form and proportion exemplified by the great architecture of Louis Kahn," says British designer Christopher Farr, "particularly in the design of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas." Farr was educated at the Slade School in England, studied textiles in villages in Peru and Turkey, and taught fine art at the Byam Shaw Art School in London (thus the name of the rug). As a rug designer, he approaches the floor as the fifth wall, blending geometric sophistication with ancient rug weaving tech¬niques to create abstract canvases for the floor (which is why Byam is available in one size and one colorway – like a work of art.) The Byam Rug is hand spun and hand tufted of fine wool and manually dyed in small batches to create rich tonal nuances in the strands. Over time, the Byam Rug will become even more beautiful as the wool's natural lanolin emerges and invigorates the surface, creating enhanced luster. Christopher Farr is a member of Care & Fair, an initiative against illegal child labor in carpet production. Made in India. Established in 1988, Christopher Farr has been at the spearhead of contemporary rug design for over twenty five years. Together with his business partner Matthew Bourne, they were the catalyst that revolutionised contemporary rug design.With backgrounds that are firmly rooted in antique Oriental carpets and textiles, Farr and Bourne share a passionate knowledge of contemporary art and design that informs the work that is produced to this day. Furthermore Farr trained at the Slade School of art In London and has allied this to an intimate understanding of the medium of weaving.In 1991, a collaboration with Royal College of Art for an exhibition entitled ‘Brave New Rugs’ became a breakthrough event in the world of design and was the year that the company purchased its last antique rug. From then on the focus has been exclusively on producing contemporary rugs.